Procuring Calling Cards Online – Save Money and Avoid Bad Deals

There are many outlets offering calling cards for making domestic as well as international cards. One could buy such cards online or from one of the retail stores.

It is desirable and often suggested to buy such cards through a reputed online source, rather than buying the same from retail stores. However, sometimes it may not be possible, for instance, when you are traveling. In case you can plan your requirements beforehand, you’ll certainly get better value for your money and eliminate the possibility of getting scammed.

If you are wondering why it is recommended to buy online, here are the major reasons for that:

– You can compare the offers of different online vendors.
– The company’s reputation can be checked easily by going through the complaints posted by other buyers.
– Shady companies find it difficult to conceal rates and fees of the calling cards.
– Apart from the prices of various cards, you can also know their special features.
– Advanced features such as speed dialing and PIN-less dialing makes things easier.

Ultimately, you conveniently can get the best deals for calling cards as per your specific requirements, if you patronize online shopping.

Bad calling cards deals are more likely in stores

Well, there may be some bad online providers of cards, but it has been realized that most bad card deals are associated with new or unpopular brands of calling cards, and these are mostly sold through convenience or retail stores. Cards with renowned brand name,s whether sold through online or physical stores, are less likely to be involved in scams.

An important contributory factor in this regard is the packaging. Cards that are sold through stores contain a very limited information as the size of the card is bit too small to give detailed information. Moreover, incidents of shoplifting and inadequate security compel store owners to restrict browsing and comparing different cards. This encourages corrupt companies to indulge in malpractices by promising more than what they can deliver.

If at all, you must buy calling card from a store, be sure to buy a reputed brand or a card that you have already purchased and you were happy with the results.

Where to purchase cards online

You’ll find scores of websites selling calling cards, and also prepaid cards for phones. You can very conveniently locate them by carrying simple Google searches. Perhaps you could ask some of your friends for additional help and suggestions.

After having located a likely vendor, you should look for the following:

1. Find out all applicable fees and rates. Patronize vendors that have adequately displayed this information.
2. Make sure that you go through the contents in fine print as vendors often conceal real fees under terms and conditions. When locating any additional fee hidden there, you should look for some other card.
3. You must compare prices of at least two vendors. Compare their prices, facilities available, selection of cards on offer and choose the one that most matches your requirements.
4. Other than the vendors, you must compare calling cards of three companies, carefully studying the price and features. You’ll notice a wide variation of prices.
5. Find out the complaint history of the vendor. You may use Google search with “complaint” or “review” as the keyword for the chosen vendor.