How Can I Get Rid of My Bad Shopping Habits?

How many times have you asked yourself the question: How can I get rid of my bad shopping habits?

And every time that is where the question ended, with no resolve.

How many times have you come home after a days’ shopping spree, unpacking the groceries and what-not, just to realise or have somebody to ask: Is this you bought really necessary?

Of course your first reaction would be to say yes—vaguely. But repeating the question to yourself, the “yes” will become more and more vague until you finally have to admit that maybe you did not need the item.We are all like that but what are we doing about it?

When are you an impulsive buyer or habitual shopper?

When you walk in the supermarket, you come around a shelve and you immediately reach out to an item and maybe place it in your basket after looking at it.

You didn’t really need it, but because it was appealing to your eyes, you took it. How can you quit or get rid of my bad shopping habits?

1. Keep a list–Yes, list the things that you are going to buy before leaving home.Stick with this preplanned list. Don’t be tempted by the appealing package of some items on the shelves. These items are placed there on purpose for you to think:Ah! This looks nice! Look at these delicious chocolates in the cute box!

Let your eyes and mind just focus on the next item on your list. Scan the item information boards above the shelves and walk straight to where you can find “sugar” which is your next item on the list.

1. Buy single clothes items. As far as clothing goes, again decide beforehand what you want.If it is a pair of flat shoes, go out and look for flat shoes and not two pairs of beautiful pink high heels

2. Eat before you go shopping is important if get rid of my bad shopping habits is your priority.Why? If you are hungry when you are shopping, you will be tempted to buy all the nice cold meats and doughnuts that you see—it is a fact.You should rather have something on your list that you can prepare yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of something delicious all the time. It only means that you have to have “3 doughnuts for lunch” on your list—not other stuff.

3. Be occupied in the queue–Most of the time you will have to wait in a queue.Then you see delicious sweets, magazines etc. that you did not want to buy, but are now forced by the appeal of the item to buy it. These items are conveniently placed in that position so that the shopper cannot walk past it. Shopping psychology! If you want to get rid of this bad shopping habit, you must occupy your time in the queue with something else like the “specials” flyer.

4. Avoid shopping on Saturdays-as far as possible. Just because your bored or everyone else shops on Saturdays, does not mean that you have to. This is usually the time that you buy unneccessities.

5. Do not buy to compete with the Jones’s—you will end up trying to compete with Bill Gates.

6. Do not go shopping if you feel the “urge” to buy

7. Always be in a hurry when shopping. Think of something that you have to do urgently at home or somebody that you have to see. This way you cannot loiter around and buy all sorts of stuff. Leave the strolling and window-shopping for the time when you haven’t got your purse with you.

These steps are a sure way to help you if you want to get rid of bad shopping habits.