Bad-Credit Car Shoppers – Discover Lenders and Get a Loan Approved Today

One of the most frequent questions asked today is: Where can I find a lender willing to finance my transportation needs? Of course, the state of the economy has shunted many folks into the backwaters of having a less than perfect credit history. People are losing jobs and inflation has caused many to get behind on monthly financial obligations.

Tough Competition

As unlikely as it may sound, these tough times have caused a whole new market for bad-credit auto loans to open up and competition is fierce for the business. Because of the competition, bad-credit borrowers are able to find deals unlike any available before. Follow the guidelines in this article to discover these lenders and learn how to get a good car loan deal.

Discovering Lenders

The World Wide Web. This magic realm has opened up a universe of libraries, shopping malls, and banking opportunities. Shoppers and vendors alike have access to venues undreamed of a decade ago. Geographical barriers mean nothing – a lender in Omaha can find a borrower in Ocala, a shopper in St. Petersburg can find merchandise in San Francisco.

Shop Til You Drop

Thanks to solid security, banking and financial information can be safely exchanged across the internet. Cranking up your computer is about as hard as it gets when it comes to shopping and that means shopping for bad-credit car loans, too. There are even comparison sites that let you punch in your vitals and get a number of bids from different lenders within minutes.

Know Yourself

Before you set out on a shopping adventure to find a bad-credit car loan lender right for you, you need to come to terms with your own financial standing. You need to determine what exactly you can afford to pay each month.

Consider the Cost

You have to consider not only the car payment amount, but also tags and title fees and taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. If you mess up on a bad credit car loan, you are just adding more injury to your already less than stellar credit history.


To lend speed to the process, have this paperwork ready to go: Government issued photo identification. Social security card. Pay stubs. Bank statements. Proof of residence – usually a utility bill. These documents can be scanned or faxed to your prospective lender. Just be sure you are using a secure site – marked with a padlock icon and that has https in the address – unsecured sites usually have only http in the designation.

Worst Rates vs. Good Rates

Once you have a number of lenders lined up, chose the one with the best interest rates and repayment terms to suit you and your financial situation. Whatever you do, do not go onto a dealership lot looking for financing. You will get the worst rates and conditions available. That approach is just plain silly with the all the good financing options a bad-credit car loan seeker can find on the web.

Strange Times Not So Bad

In spite of the economic turmoil nowadays, it is comforting to know that you are not alone. Others out there are struggling too. Meanwhile, in light of the new markets that have opened to respond to this turmoil, take advantage of the competition and get yourself into the driving seat with rates and terms that even a good credit car loan seeker would find acceptable.